Monday, August 17, 2009


i've moved my me for the addy!

the beach

the evening tide gently laps at the shore. the sound of surf meeting sand is so gently erotic, like two lovers sliding skin over skin in a never ending dance.

her thin sundress caught in the breeze, conforming to her body. the wind playing it's part in the seduction that was happening.

she smelled him. the light cologne he wore, and the distinct smell that is pure man. she wondered what the night had in store for them.

he caught up to her, slid his arm around her waist from behind, breathed her in and said, 'sweetheart, have you ever made love in the ocean?'

that simple question sent her body into overdrive. she turned in his arms, kissed him deeply and whispered, 'never'.

he sighed in anticipation, how lucky could one man get? she was perfect. beautiful, smart, wicked sense of humor, and his. the most important thing was that she was his.

she shivered in his arms, not from the wind, but from longing. she has been waiting for him. him and no other. it's perfect. and tonight, they will commit themselves in the full view of nature.

he lifted his hand to her shoulder, moved her dress strap, and kissed her warm shoulder. she sighed, dragging her nails down his back.

he knew he could have her right there, and it would be wonderful, but tonight was about love, and showing her just what she meant to him.

he gently released her from her dress, and gazed at her in the golden glow of the setting sun.

you are beautiful, he told her, knowing that she would delicately blush. and she did, her body turning a deep crimson, and as the light from the sun caught his eyes, she finally saw herself the way he saw her.

he turned her towards the beckoning ocean, her naked skin glistening with drops of salt water. he followed her into the surf, watching enviously as the water swirled around her legs up to her thighs.

she was starting to feel self conscious again, and he could tell, but before she could shield herself from his eyes, he drew her into his arms and kissed her deeply.

she could feel the effect that she was having on him, and that made her light headed. and with the surf teasing her body, she was having trouble breathing, everything was making her head swim with these new sensations.

she slid her slick body over his, a bit shocked that he was fully nude. but the feel of the water between their pressed bodies overcame all thought.

he placed his hands on her hips, and gently lifted her up. her breasts were now level with his mouth. he lightly lapped at her erect nipple, tasting the salt from the ocean as well as the intoxicating taste that is simply HER.

she gasped as his teeth tugged on her nipple ring, it was always a shock when he did that..

she looked down at his head lovingly pressed against her breasts, ran her hands through his hair and pulled him closer.

he was dangerously close to the edge, and this was not what was suppose to happen, he lowered her, wrapping her legs around his hips and settling her on his hard shaft.

she screamed, it was unlike anything she ever felt. this new position, the water, him.

immediately, she climaxed. he grit his teeth to keep himself from going over the edge with her. this was her time.

he slowly raised her up, only to lower her again. she was limp, but the water helped him gain his rhythm. gently, but with increasing tempo.

she let out little moans of pleasure. he was leaving marks on her hips.

the water was caressing them both: feet, calves, thighs, and where they were joined. driving them to the brink of madness with desire.

she lifted her head from his shoulder and said one word. 'please'

and in that one word, he was at the end.

gripping her a bit firmer, he started the final dance. deep and hard, hitting all of her. moans combining to proclaim their pleasure.

at the edge of release, she looked in his eyes, screamed his name and shattered.

feeling her orgasm, he let go. groaning with tension, he held her tight, and gave the final thrust that put him over.

quivering in the water, the full moon now over them, he says 'you are my all, i love you'

a tear dropped from her green eyes, ' i love you'

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


sometimes, people inspire me. sometimes i inspire others. either way, i blame twitter lol

a story was written for me, and i'd like to share it with you...

Thank you,Ron! That meant a lot to me!!!


Monday, August 10, 2009

my first try at #MFM Exhibitionism/Voyeurism

He was riding with me to drop my friend off. He was in the backseat, and seemed a bit bored. I felt bad, because I wanted to mess around, but couldn't since she was with us. She wouldn't approve of me messing around behind my husband's back.

I heard him cough, and checked the rearview mirror to see if he was alright. He was more than alright, he had his hard cock out, masturbating in the back seat of my car!!

I quickly looked to my best friend to see if she noticed, but luckily she didn't. That would have been impossible to explain.

The ride to her house was intense for me, I was squirming in my seat and trying to remember the speed limit for the town...was it 45 or 95??

We finally dropped her off, and he slid into the passenger seat. I was a bit worried about what he had planned.

As soon as we pulled away from her house, he had his hands in is pants, pulling his penis out again. My mouth started to water...

errm, alright

so i decided to be an adult and start a real blog. woo. lol

i'm not sure what i'll post, but it's going to be real.